Amazing Decoration for Cabo Beach Ceremony!

Amazing Decoration for Cabo Beach Ceremony!

If you are looking for some cool ceremony decor ideas for your beach ceremony in Cabo, here you go!

We’ve prepared some dreamy beach decor ideas that we are sure will inspire you!

As this is a beach affair, everything connected with coasts and ocean is welcome: shells, starfishes, corals and sea glass!

Candle lanterns hanging will give an intimate and cozy touch to the ceremony, adding flowers or succulents will add the beach theme.

Tropical flowers and rose petals are ideal for a beach wedding aisle, so don’t forget to add it in different bright colors.

Having a wooden platform on the beach? Yes! that is a nice option as well, you will get married on the beach and still you can use your beautiful high heels! Add also some rose petals and you will love it!

In Mexico we have amazing options for flowers, so take a look and choose your preferred ones.

Ask to our Planner’s team at we would love to show you the different options

Get inspired by the ideas below and have the best beach soiree ever!

Please contact us at, we will love to work together to have an amazing beach wedding for you, you deserve it!

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