Amazing Flower Girl !!

Amazing Flower Girl !! The littlest attendants, flower girls add an adorable element to a wedding party.

If you’re having a flower girl or page boy at your wedding, let us warn you the following post will have you pinning like mad! There are SO many adorable ideas for the little guys out there, particularly when it comes to the big entrance.

Creative couples have come up with all manners of cute and fun ways to announce their arrival and ensure their mini bridal party is suitably adorable . Today we’ve rounded up some incredibly cute inspiration that’s sure to be a big hit with both guests and the flower girls and page boys themselves.

This tradition never gets old and is one that is still really popular with flower girls. They love the idea of scattering petals from a basket and it leaves a gorgeous trail for the bride too.

Of course, as traditional as it is, you can still shake things up a bit and have your flower girl hold on to a little tin pail (or plastic colourful bucket if you’re having a beach celebration) and scatter everything from petals to starfish and even pom poms if you’re after a fun alternative.

If you like the idea of flowers but don’t want to go the petal route, give your little lady a statement making oversized flower. It’ll look adorable on the day and she can keep it in her room afterwards as a gorgeous reminder

One of our favourite options for the little guys has to be a wedding sign. They come in so many different styles from banners and chalk boards to flags and even wooden tree slices for those looking to bring a rustic touch to their day.  You can add absolutely any message you like to them from a simple ‘Here Comes the Bride’ to ‘Here Comes Mammy’, ‘And They Lived Happily Ever After’ and ‘Last Chance to Run.

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