Amazing Flowers Wedding Ideas

Amazing Flowers Wedding Ideas

Just the two of you, sitting apart from your guests taking it all in. A chance to spend time together and maybe even eat! A moment of quiet to look around and see all the people you love and who love you in one room. Why wouldn’t you want a sweetheart table? Your wedding party will thank you as they will be able to sit with their dates or spouses.

A sweetheart table is the main place at your wedding reception and it should excite and highlight your style and theme. Make an accent on your sweetheart table with an Amazing Flowers Wedding Ideas .

Continue your decor theme using the same colors and textiles ; don’t forget your initials and your Bride&Groom signs on the chairs. ‘Just Married’ or Mr.&Mrs will show everyone where you sit. Balloons, curtains, flower walls, signs and lights are a way to highlight your sweetheart table.

The sweetheart table is the couple’s best friend at their wedding. Giving them a space to relax, eat, and enjoy this party they’ve spend countless months planning, a sweetheart table is also a blast to decorate.

You know that your photographer Alec&T is going to take plenty of pictures of you sitting here during dinner and the toasts, so make sure your table looks exactly how you want it to!

Not that brides need any help with their glow their mega smiles are already lighting up their receptions. Candles are generally very budget friendly depending on the holders you prefer, so use as much or as little as you like.

Remember that this spectacular event is only once in your life! Invest time how you would like to have an Amazing Flowers Wedding Ideas. Contact us I will be more than happy to help you in this amazing day


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