Amazing Guestbook Ideas!!

Amazing Guestbook Ideas!!

The guest book isn’t just sheets of paper with signatures. It is a keepsake  a time capsule to be cherished and revisted, filled with sweet, heartfelt messages from those closest to you. First, though, you need to properly set up your guest-book table. Position the table in a central location so guests see it as they enter the reception, and be sure to provide enough supplies (pens, film, stamps, etc.) for whatever type of “guest book” you’ve planned to use.

If you choose to go with a nontraditional guest book, include easy-to-follow instructions, so your guests understand what you’d like them to do. Most important, ensure that there is ample lighting, so guests can see what they are writing

These days, wedding guest books can be so much more than just a collection of your guests’ signatures. From prompts that encourage your guests’ creativity to customized pieces of art you’ll love displaying in your home, these innovative ideas certainly won’t just sit around collecting dust after the big day.

However, your guest book can also serve as a fun memento of your wedding day. Skip the standard notebook and let your creativity shine with these fabulous finds!

Have your guests sign wine bottles, each of which represents a marriage . Read their heartfelt messages and toast to how far you’ve come together.

Polaroid cameras are popping up at vintage themed weddings, and I for one am obsessed with them. Guests can snap their photo and hang it on a clothesline or glue it into a book. Not only is this fun and engaging for them, but it’s also economically practical.

Jenga guestbook ideas inexpensive alternative to a guest book! This idea is perfect for vineyard nuptial.

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