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Wedding Season In Cabo

It is possible to enjoy weddings in Cabo virtually any time in the year, but the main wedding season in Cabo San Lucas is April, May, June and again in October, November and the first two weeks in December. Summer weddings are popular too, realizing that July is warm, August warm and humid, and there […]

Is It Too Hot To Get Married In Cabo In August

Get married in Cabo in August? “Hot! Hot! Hot!” Not just a song by Buster Poindexter, but also a description of Cabo in August! Can you get married here in August? You bet! But plan accordingly; the groom and groomsmen are likely to complain if they are dressed formally in black tuxedos and expected to […]

Weddings in Cabo -How Do I Pick My Wedding Date?

“High season” for weddings in Cabo includes May/June and October/November. Accordingly, higher costs and lower availability during high season may encourage you to consider different times of year! Maybe you’ll choose a three day weekend when your guests already have an extra day off work. Consider the times of year when your destination is known […]

Flowers And Decor On A Budget

Looks aren’t everything! We all know that, but even if you are on a budget, you want your wedding to look good! Decor on a budget, not a problem. If your flowers and décor dollars are limited, think about picking a really nice wedding bouquet –because you’ll have that with you all day long! Next, […]

My Destination Wedding Vendors

Understanding that some of your destination wedding vendors will be people who can only do one wedding a day, you should lock them in for your wedding date before dealing with other details! The first three professionals to book are your photographer, your DJ, and your Officiant. Of course having a wedding planner prior to […]

Resort Preferred Wedding Vendors List

Virtually every resort has a list of preferred wedding vendors. Virtually every resort has a list of preferred wedding vendors. As a couple, take a look at that list and see if you are happy with those choices. Ask the resort if they allow outside vendors, if there is a charge to bring in your […]

Your Cabo Wedding Venue Contract

Before you sign a contract with a Cabo wedding venue, ask how many weddings are allowed on a given day. If it is more than one, find out how large their space is and how they separate the two weddings. Question what comes with the wedding packages. Find out specifically what is included and if […]

Live Wedding Music

If you can possibly afford live wedding music, do try to do it! If your budget won’t allow for live music for all of your events, maybe you can have a violinist or a guitar accompaniment for your ceremony or even a Mariachi Band for cocktail hour. There are some great local bands in Cabo […]

My Mexico Destination Wedding – What Is Plus / Plus

“Plus Plus” is a term often found on bills in Mexico.Your Mexico destination wedding will have this on the bill. The first plus is 11% for a Mexican value-added tax. The second plus is a service tax. It can run from 16% to 24%, though usually it is about 18%. When you are figuring your […]