Beat the Heat in Cabo on Your Destination Wedding

Cabo is most well know for a couple of things: the beautiful destination weddings, and the year round sunshine. Now this year round sunshine also means one thing. It is hot here almost all year long. Sure, some times of year are hotter than others, but it is consistently warm here no matter the month. So how can you beat the heat for your perfect wedding day in Cabo San Lucas? Don’t worry, we have plenty of helpful ideas!


Bridesmaids Dresses

When trying to decide on the style and color of your bridesmaids dresses, opt for lighter colors in a more flowing and breathable fabric. This will help the girls stay cool and will help reflect some of that sunlight as opposed to having a dark color like navy or black.



We know that having the perfect hairstyle for your day is almost as important as having the perfect dress. However, if you are getting married in Cabo, consider a hairstyle that keeps the hair up off of your neck. That way you stay cooler and are comfortable as you dance and celebrate with your friends and loved ones.



For the ceremony, consider having your programs printed on fans. This way your guests can stay cool and be informed with a fun and trendy program. Also, since you are in one of the sunniest places in the world, consider purchases cute sunglasses for each seat. That way you know your guests will be cooled off and ready to watch you say “I Do”.



Your reception is where people really let lose and have some fun. In the heat of Cabo, maybe offer a signature drink like pina coladas or margaritas to be passed around during cocktail hour. This is a great way to have some fun and make sure your guest have a nice cool drink to start of the reception with. But just in case, make sure there are plenty of waters available to keep people hydrated.



With a few of this in consideration, you will insure that you and your loved ones are happy, smiling, and as cool as you can be! The wonderful staff at Be That Bride Events is full of amazing and trendy ideas like these to ensure that you have the most perfect wedding possible. Contact them to speak to a planner about the full service wedding planning packages!

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