Beautiful Cabo Wedding Flowers

Beautiful Cabo Wedding Flowers !!

I love flowers, that’s why I wanted to add some photos of the ones we have about our weddings, since it is very important to know what color and what kind of ideas you have for this unique day.
These photos will help you to know what kind of personality and ideas you want to show at your wedding.

If you’re stumped on direction to give your florist, the amount of inspiration out there can be overwhelming.

And even if budget isn’t your primary concern, huge and extravagant centerpieces may just not be your thing. Because, sometimes simpler is just better.

Now don’t get us wrong, simple doesn’t have to equate to boring or dull—no no! We’ve seen some absolutely stunning arrangements that are clean and minimal and totally on-trend.

Simple doesn’t just mean minimal, either—it can mean that the amount of “ingredients” used in your centerpieces is limited to one or two types of flower or greenery.

Or, it could mean that instead of a lush and overflowing arrangement you have a collection of smaller bud vases running down your tables or clustered in the middle of each. Maybe simple means you use a wide variety of flowers but only use a single stem in each vessel!

Or, maybe it means that you stick to flowers of only one color, say, white, and the rest of the lushness comes from the greenery in your arrangements. However you want to bring in to your wedding, there are so many beautiful ways to bring simplicity into your arrangements!

Our team is unique and it is not because I work here hahaha, we are so passionate in our events that you will realize this.  Dare to work with fun, professional & unique people, who will be much easier to work with people like us, because we give you that tranquility and professionalism that all our team have!

Contact us to work together I will be more than happy to answer your messages or comments to help you in this amazing day.

Pull inspiration from your wedding theme, venue or color palette to bring your bouquet to life! You have any doubts? please contact us at BeThatBrideEvents


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