Cabo Wedding Ceremonies

Cabo Wedding Ceremonies

There are two types of Cabo wedding ceremonies.

Symbolic/Nondenominational Ceremony:
This ceremony is not legally valid and does not change your marital status. You can choose to go to the Justice of the Peace at home to perform a civil ceremony prior to coming to Cabo therefore, there is no need for official documentation or blood tests. This choice offers the most flexibility because you can alter your vows, choose readings, and truly customize your ceremony to reflect your personalities.

Civil Ceremony:
A civil ceremony is recognized worldwide as a legal marriage. It performed in Spanish by a judge (you can choose to have a translator) and the vows can not be changed. It is similar to a ceremony by the Justice of the Peace in the U.S. or Canada.


  • Marriage application form
  • Four witnesses
  • Copies of birth certificates
  • Valid passports (for bride, groom, and all witnesses)
  • Tourist Immigration Forms for bride, groom, and witnesses (forms are issued on airplane upon entering Mexico)
  • Health certificate and blood tests done in Cabo prior to wedding (must be completed 2-3 business days before your wedding)
  • If divorced, a copy of your the first and last page of your divorce decree is needed. You must be divorced at least one year in advance of your Civil Ceremony.
  • If widowed, a copy of a death certificate is needed
  • If adopted, a certified copy of the adoption papers must be presented.

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