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Choose a Trendy Destination Wedding at The Royal Playa Del Carmen, Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Even if your family expects you to host a “traditional” wedding, how would you feel about having that traditional, symbolic ceremony in an exotic location? Sound like fun? Lots of couples these days are journeying to exotic locations and taking their guests with them for a Destination Wedding! Sometimes they simply want to share their special day in a beautiful location, surrounded by those close to them. Others decide to combine their destination weddingwith their honeymoon, and I have to tell you, Mexico is one of the most popular countries in the world for destination wedding venues.

Among the favorite choices of Mexican locations suited to destination weddings is Playa Del Carmen. Its gorgeous tropical beaches and magnificent resort locations contribute to its popularity, and one of the best resorts is The Royal Playa Del Carmen.

Luxurious surroundings and the best of customer service are yours when you choose the Royal Playa Del Carmen for your destination wedding. It has wonderful amenities for you and your guests, and it offers incredibly beautiful blue waters, glorious sandy beaches, and exquisite authentic Mexican cuisine.

I suggest that you either move to Playa Del Carmen during the months preceding the wedding or, more practically, hire a professional wedding planner!! You need someone who knows the area and the vendors needed to make your day perfect. Every detail involved with your wedding, from finding, negotiating with, and helping vendors set up on the big day to picking your cake or planning the Rehearsal Dinner will be less stressful with a wedding planner to handle the details. The list ranges from wedding photographers and flowers, to caterers, cosmetics and more!

I wish you all the best!


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