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Choosing a Destination Wedding Venue in Cancun, Mexico: Fiesta Americana Cancun

More and more couples today choose destination weddings in exotic, spectacular locations. Among the many terrific locations available in Mexico is the city of Cancun on the Yucatan peninsula (the Caribbean side of Mexico).

If you’re like me, you hear or read the word Caribbean, and immediately white sandy beaches, crystal clear blue water, palm trees, and tropical breezes come to mind. And now that you’re thinking tropics, I want to tell you about the Fiesta Americana Cancun! This venue has palm trees and multiple pools sitting right next to the ocean. Whether you want a casual, “flip-flops in the sand” kind of a wedding or a more sedate, “sweep the sand away so I can wear my new shoes in the wedding” location, you can hardly go wrong with the Fiesta Americana Cancun. It is one of the best destination wedding venues in Mexico. It provides everything you need for planning the Cancun wedding of your dreams!

Find your wedding venue in Cancun

Since you probably don’t want to move to Cancun for six months before your wedding in order to handle the details yourself, I suggest you hire a wedding planner who is familiar with all that is available in Cancun to make your wedding perfect! She will be your feet on the ground in Cancun, and she can arrange for Fiesta Americana Cancun to accommodate all your destination wedding needs, including photographers, florists, disc jockeys or a live band. She can even organize and direct a rehearsal dinner and a morning after the wedding “thanks for coming” brunch before sending your guests off to the airport!


The beauty of Cancun can be a memorable backdrop for your unique and special wedding, and both you and your guests will have memories that last a lifetime!

Best Wishes!


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