Plan your wedding in Cancun

Destination Wedding, Cancun, Mexico: Le Rêve Hotel and Spa

If you and your groom want a destination wedding in Cancun, Mexico, you are in luck! Wedding planners in Cancun are highly experienced and very capable! Once you have decided on the location – Cancun, a wedding planner/coordinator can help you select the perfect venue (a hotel, a resort or a villa) to host your wedding.

Resorts in Mexico in general, and in Cancun in particular have proven to be among the best in the world! Let me give you a little overview of one really great destination wedding venue in Cancun. Consider Le Rêve Hotel and Spa! Ok, it’s actually 45 minutes south of Cancun, but I think you’ll find that it is well worth the drive time! Le Rêve is a boutique style hotel with stunningly beautiful scenery, and it boasts a peaceful, romantic atmosphere. Their experienced chefs have a handle on really great food, the rooms are lovely, and you may enjoy yourself so much there that you choose to honeymoon at there as well!

You and your guests can choose suites that range from a number of increasingly elegant suites all the way up to “oh-my-gosh-how-AWESOME” bungalow suites! Every suite there is lovely and offers spectacular scenery. The Rêve also has great spa and gym amenities. You, your wedding party and your guests are sure to love Le Rêve Hotel and Spa!

Plan your wedding in Cancun

Remember those wedding planner I mentioned earlier? Well, I can’t suggest strongly enough that you hire a professional wedding planner from the Cancun area. This will be someone who lives in the area and is experienced in choosing quality vendors and negotiating prices for her brides and grooms. Your wedding planner will take the stress out of details regarding caterers, wedding photography, wedding flowers, disc jockeys, live entertainment, and the myriad of other components necessary to tailor your wedding to your dreams!

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