Destination Weddings 101: Things To Consider

Destination weddings are becoming more and more popular these days. Let’s face it, sipping umbrella drinks on the beach sure beats a having a beer in the bar any day. If your significant other has popped the question and you’re considering a destination wedding in Cabo San Lucas, here are a few things you should check into. Take a look at the list below so you’re sure to plan the perfect wedding at the perfect time.

Check Flights

The major cost for your guests will be the flight. Begin pricing flights and figure out where the majority of your family and friends will be flying from. You want their trip to be as easy as possible, so look for the least expensive flights with the least amount of lay-overs. Try to make the ordeal as convenient for them as possible, that way when they arrive in Cabo they will be ready for some wedding festivities!

Check the Weather Where You’re Going

While many coastal areas offer discounted rates during late summer and early fall, it might not be the ideal time to hold a wedding because it’s hurricane season. Alternately, many places have a rainy season, which would be a terrible time for a wedding. Cabo is a wonderful destination wedding location because it is very rarely rainy and sunny 360 days of the year. However, temperatures do tend to sky rocket a few months a year. Knowing the weather where you’re going and planning accordingly will ensure that you have the most perfect wedding day possible.

Know the Area

Depending on where you’re going, you could have limited resources for planning your wedding. Some places may only have one florist, a couple caterers and a DJ or two, so if you’re picky, it’s good to know ahead of time what you’re in for. Ask about the minimum stay at the resort you have your heart set on. If the resort requires at least a three-night stay, have a back-up hotel ready for guests who don’t plan to stay that long.

The Calendar is your Friend

Go online and research the local calendar for the area you’ll be traveling to. The last thing you want to do is plan your special day during a major holiday. Another thing to consider is the “off-season.” If you plan your wedding during the off-season, you might find many restaurants closed and nothing much going on.

Consider your Guests’ Financial Situations

While having your wedding on the beach in some faraway land sounds romantic and fun, some of your friends or family might not be able to afford the trip. The weeklong party you’re planning won’t be much fun if your closest friends and family members can’t make it, so consider their financial situations when planning the big event.

Many of these considerations can be done on your own as you prepare to pick your date for the big day. However, contacting a wedding planning company like Be That Bride Events, will allow you to have many of these questions answered by people who know the town. Here in Cabo San Lucas, Be That Bride Events make sure to answer your questions and thing one step ahead for you. This way you are able to trust and enjoy the fun of planning and experiencing your special day here in Cabo San Lucas!

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