Guest List Etiquette For Your Destination Wedding in Cabo

Guest List Etiquette For Your Destination Wedding in Cabo.

Planning a destination wedding in Cabo presents a whole batch of and challenges and circumstances that can be unique to a wedding away from home. The most common question that comes up is should you pay for your guests travel expenses. The answer to this is no however, you should make it easier and less expensive for them to travel by getting a block of rooms at your resort (most resorts offer discounts for blocked rooms) or book a villa that sleeps a big group. If your ceremony/reception isn’t held at your or your guests resort than you should pay for transportation costs. Also, if you are getting married at an All-Inclusive resort you will need to get and pay for a day-pass for any guests staying outside your resort. Paying for the reception dinner and any other events that you arrange is also a recommended. Sending out save-the-dates invitations should be done at least 6-9 months in advance. You need to give your guests as much notice as possible so they can get time off from work, have time to save up, get the best travel deals, and make any other arrangements (childcare, petcare, etc). Providing guests with an itinerary is another must. Guests will know exactly what is going on, where they need to be and at what time. This way if guests want to relax or explore on their own, they have that option. These are just a few items of etiquette for your destination wedding in Cabo. Contact us at to help with any other details!


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