Los Cabos: The Destination for Destination Weddings!

Los Cabos is ranked in the top three places in Mexico for a destination wedding. With gorgeous scenic views, romantic ambiance and a bevy of venues to choose from, it’s no wonder. Destination weddings are a huge thing right now among U.S. residence. It allows an adventurous couple to “run away and get married” while still sharing the even with close family and friends. Aside from the warm sunshine, soft sandy beaches, there are a several reasons to have a Cabo destination wedding.

Budget – Many couples report that having a destination wedding is actually less expensive than if they had had a traditional wedding at home. You simply get more for your money with rooms and a whole vacation for the price of one day in America.

Planning – There is much less stress involved in planning a wedding in Cabo, especially if you opt for a wedding package that includes a wedding planner like Be That Bride Events. Being an extremely well know and well respected wedding planning company here in Cabo San Lucas, they are an amazing choice to help you plan your day.

Time – Without all the hassle of planning your wedding, you have more time to spend with the people that matter most. Also, since you’ve traveled so far, most guests will stay at least a couple of days to help celebrate the event, which is much longer than a traditional wedding event that only lasts one day.

Location – Los Cabos has gorgeous views as far as the eye can see. Enjoy being barefoot on the beach surrounded by lush topical gardens or hold the ceremony in a romantic gazebo overlooking the turquoise waters of the Sea of Cortez. You’ll never want for a more breath-taking place for your destination wedding.

Convenience – You’ll not waste time traveling from one venue to the next for the ceremony, pictures and reception. Everything is usually done all in one place. Once you arrive at your destination, that’s where you’ll stay until the end of the trip.

Vacation – Once the vows are said and the reception is over, you and your guests get to kick back, relax and enjoy a vacation. With so much to do around Cabo San Lucas, your guests will already be planning the day for you all to return together!

Fewer guests – While this may sound like a negative, it’s really not. Those that attend are usually your closest and dearest friends and family members. Making your wedding more intimate really is a huge reason people decide to have a destination wedding.

The guys get involved – Grooms seem to get more involved in the planning process when it’s a destination wedding, especially if you plan small outings such as golfing or sailing for him and his buddies. And lets face it, getting the groom more involved in the planning is every brides dream!

The honeymoon – Once the ceremony is over, the honeymoon begins immediately because you’re already there. No planes to catch and no extra time wasted traveling – and the best part? No extra cost!

Your wedding day will be perfect whether you have it in a church in your hometown, or here on the beach. But why not enjoy the fun and adventure that come with having a destination wedding! Celebrate your marriage with a week of fun with family, not just a single day. Choosing Los Cabos is just one step closer to the perfect day in the perfect place.


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