The Perfect Welcome Event For Your Cabo Wedding!

The Perfect Welcome Event For Your Cabo Wedding!

You and your friends and family have traveled from all over all the way to Cabo San Lucas to celebrate your beautiful wedding day. You have every detail planned out and can now enjoy the fun of Cabo! But first, you want to have something planned for you and your guests to welcome them to the trip of a life time. Here are a few ideas that we think would be perfect:

Relaxing Dinner: Plan a quite relaxing dinner at one of the many delicious restaurants in Cabo. This way you can have all of your guests unwind from traveling and enjoy a nice meal all together.

Beach Bonfire: Many hotels will happily help coordinate a welcome event for you and your guests upon your arrival at the hotel. Having a bonfire on the beach for all of your guests to gather around, enjoy a few drinks, music and appetizers and relax to get in the right mind for this amazing trip and wedding ahead of them.

You can do whatever you want when you get to Cabo San Lucas. It’s your wedding week! So sit back, relax and enjoy your adventure towards the aisle with the love of your life and all those who matter most to you both.

Sheraton Los Cabos-by Alec&T

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