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Planning a Destination Wedding: The Flower Girl!!

Think of your Destination Wedding as a piece of art. You are traveling a long distance for one of the most important days of your life, and implementation of the details can either add to or detract from the finished product. I guess what I am saying is that as wedding planners, we want your wedding to be close to picture perfect as you do! Between us, let’s really focus on the details!

You choose your perfect dress, we help you with flowers that delight you, we book your caterer, music and entertainment, and everything is ready to go, right? Let me mention that there is one detail that doesn’t receive as much scrutiny as the others, and that is the flower girl(s). They’re going to be adorable just by virtue of their size, their curls, their eyes and their cute little dresses, but it is important that their behavior enhances the magic of your wedding –we don’t want her to upstage you and your groom!

Wedding Flowers

Take a few minutes to do a web search. Use search phrases like, “flower girl etiquette”, “flower girl duties”, or “involving kids in weddings.” You’ll find some great reading for you and for the parents of the flower girl. There is even a darling book for little girls of maybe 4 to 8 or 10 years about taking flower girl duties seriously! It covers a bounty of information, and you could give her a copy of it when she agrees to be in the wedding. Mom and Dad can use it as bedtime reading before the wedding; she’ll be delighted, and you’ll have the best of flower girls!

Best Wishes!

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