Spice Up Your Cabo San Lucas Wedding!

Cabo San Lucas is one of the most well known destination wedding locations. With Lover’s Beach and the Cabo Arch, you are surrounded by beauty and natural wonders here in Cabo. However, its not just the oceans and the sites of the beaches that make a destination wedding a success here. You are in Mexico! Spice up your wedding a little!

Now before you take that literally, you can spice up your wedding in a lot of ways.


Flowers with a Pop

Before you really start to pick out your color palette for your wedding day, consider adding some flowers with a pop of color! Maybe you want navy bridesmaids dresses. Add some bright colored flowers to their bouquets like yellows and bright pinks, both of which go with navy perfectly! Having some bright colors bring some extra fun to your ceremony besides your cute sandy pedicure.

Mariachi Serenade

You have your cocktail hour all planned out all the way down to your signature drink you want to offer your guest. But now you are trying to decide on what kind of entertainment to offer your guests. A mariachi band is the perfect balance of Latin flare and entertainment. Hire a mariachi band to play for an hour before your reception to get people excited about celebrating you and your new husband! It’s is the perfect way to really had a touch of the Cabo fun to your wedding day.

Tequila Sunrise

There are not many things that say Mexico more than some of its famous tequila! A favorite of many of our brides is offering a shot of tequila to your guest right after your ceremony concludes to give one giant toast to the new couple. Nothing says destination wedding better than a group of your love ones enjoying one of Mexico’s most notorious traditions.


Your destination wedding will be perfect whether you want to keep it simple and traditional or add a little bit of fun and flavor to your day. The talented wedding planners at Be That Bride Events are among the best at assisting and planning your wedding every step of the way. So call and let Be That Bride Events help you spice up your gorgeous and memorable destination wedding here in Cabo San Lucas!

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