Wedding Traditions In Cabo Part One: Something Old

Wedding Traditions In Cabo Part One: Something Old

Every bride knows the rhyme: “Something old, Something new, Something borrowed, Something blue and a six pence in your shoe”. Originated in England, this rhyme is one that many brides still participate in for good luck.

Today, we are going to focus on Something Old.

As you plan your wedding, you usually forget to consider these things until the last minute. However, this is a very common thing and typically leads to your family to consider for you. It opens the door for many family members to pass down family treasures in a sweet and unique way as you begin the new stage of your life with the one you love.

Something old is traditionally used to represent continuity for the bride. It is used to represent a bride’s family and past as well as a fun tradition. Here in Cabo, you can still find many fun and unique ways to participate in this tradition. Maybe your mother has a beauty piece of her wedding dress or even the “something old” that she herself had on her wedding day. Bring it to Cabo and have your wedding planner help you attach the keepsake to your bouquet. Maybe you want to have it stitched right inside your dress so that it is close to you.

Perhaps your mother, grandmother, or great grandmother have a specific piece of jewelry that they all wore on their wedding day. This is a great and beautiful addition to your wedding day wardrobe, especially in such a beautiful place as Cabo!

We know you come to Cabo to experience adventure and to celebrate your wedding day for more than just one day. But don’t think just because you are here you cannot keep the bridal tradition that has gone on for centuries. So don’t be scared to keep a little tradition with your untraditional wedding adventure!

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