Will You Be My Bridesmaid In Cabo?

Will You Be My Bridesmaid In Cabo?

You just had the man of your dreams get down on one knee and ask to spend his life with you. You are ecstatic and over joyed to be able to marry your best friend. You two have decided to have the perfect intimate destination wedding in Cabo. But now comes the second most important step. Picking your bridesmaids! Of course you want to have your best friends stand by your side. And of course you have to ask them in the cutest most creative way to ask them to be your bridesmaid in your destination wedding! Here are a few cute ideas on how to ask your girls to be in your bridal party:

Mini Tequilas: What is a beach wedding in Mexico without a little tequila all around? Grab some mini tequilas from the store and stick them in your gift box. You are having a destination wedding and you know margaritas and tequila shots will be served up all week long with your friends and family! It’s a fun way to get your girls excited for the amazing time they are about to have.

Sunglasses: You can’t go to a beach wedding without a pair of sunglasses! Stick a pair in your bridal party box. Your girlfriends will love a pair of cute hot pink or floral print sunglasses to throw on before they hit the beach with you during your wedding week in Cabo.

Disposable Camera: One thing that many people have forgotten about in the ever growing world of electronics is the fun of a disposable camera. Actually taking a picture and not knowing instantly what it looks like? It’s the fun mystery of it! Stick a disposable camera in your box and have your girls take pictures during the many parties and events leading up to your day. Then collect them all after your wedding and get them developed to be able to relive your whole journey to your wedding through the eyes of your favorite ladies.

Your best friends are going to be so excited to be apart of your day. So have some fun when you put together your creative way of asking them to share this special journey and day with you!

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Weddings in Cabo include Cerveza

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